DGNB criteria sociocultural and functional quality

DGNB criteria "User control" (SOC1.5)


Our objective is to achieve a high level of user satisfaction in the indoor areas within property building. This is why occupants should be provided with the best possible options to control the indoor climate. Aside from the actual conditions in the building, users´ satisfaction also depends on the ability to adjust themselves ventilation, sun and anti-glare protection, temperature and lighting to their individual preferences even beyond the standard settings.


Measures which allow occupants to exert the greatest possible influence on the indoor climate increase comfort in a building. In turn, improved comfort contributes to greater satisfaction and productivity.

Indicators for evaluation

  1. Ventilation

  2. Shading and glare protection

  3. Temperatures during the heating period

  4. Temperatures outside of the heating period (cooling)
  5. Artificial light control



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