DGNB System

Overview of the criteria

The DGNB System does not evaluate individual measures but the overall performance of a building based on criteria. If these criteria are fulfilled in an outstanding way, the building receives a certificate or pre-certificate in platinum, gold, silver or bronze for existing real estate. The DGNB continues to develop its certification system and adapts it to national and international standards and legislation.

Environmental quality

The six criteria of environmental quality allow an assessment to be made with regard to the effects of buildings on the global and local environment as well as the impact on resources and the generation of waste.

Economic quality

The three criteria of economic quality serve to assess the long-term economic viability (life cycle costs) and economic development.

Sociocultural and functional quality

The eight criteria of sociocultural and functional quality help to assess buildings with regard to health, comfort and user satisfaction as well as the essential aspects of functionality.

Site quality

The four criteria of site quality assess the impact of the project on its environment and vice versa.


Dr. Anna Braune
Director Research and Development
Phone: +49 711 722322-67
a.braune at dgnb.de

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