DGNB System

DGNB System Version 2018 – Training webinars

Since July 2018 the DGNB System Version 2018 is available in English. This new version applies equally to nine different types of building uses. In order to assure a smooth implementation of the DGNB System worldwide there will be several training webinars to develop an international guideline.

These training webinars are focussing on the following topics:

September, 17: General information on the internationalization of the DGNB System Version 18

The training webinar will have a discussion form, where all participants will have good opportunities to express their wishes, expectations and suggestions regarding the DGNB International Certification System. Aim of this webinar is the update of the DGNB International System, which will be named „DGNB International System 2018". The following topics will be discussed:

  • new criteria and/or indicators,
  • new features in the DGNB System such as bonus pints and innovation areas,
  • timeline of the project,
  • DGNB Tools,
  • updated certification fees.

Participants are asked to read or at least review the translation of the new German criteria set 2018, which is available in English. Knowledge about the previous system version – i.e. CORE14, will be an advantage in terms of understanding the differences and deal with some vague aspects in the new system.
We hope that these webinars will give us tangible amounts of qualitative feedbacks for further development of our international system.

September, 18: ENV1.1 „Building life cycle assessment"

This training webinar is dedicated to the criteria ENV1.1 (or LCA) which includes now criterion ENV2.1 as well. We will discuss about methodologies of the LCA calculations, about product data bases and the possibility of international and/or local standards application for standards for building energy simulations.

September, 19: ENV1.2 „Local environmental impact" + SOC1.2 „Indoor air quality"

This training webinar focuses on two relevant criteria of the DGNB system. Criterion ENV1.2 contains specific requirements for a very wide range of building materials and products to be preferably used in order to reduce damage risks to humans and to the local environment to a minimum. Criterion SOC1.2 „Indoor air quality" is a KO-criterion: without an indoor air quality measurement a project certification is not possible. Aim of the training is therefore to identify how both criteria could be evaluated in a local context. Participants are asked to verify e.g. if and which technical standards exist for air indoor quality measurement, if an environmental component catalogue or declaration for building materials and products is common/possible in their own countries, etc.

September, 20: SOC1.3 „Acoustic comfort" + TEC1.2 „Sound insulation"

Aim of this training webinar is to identify how to evaluate both criteria according to international or local standards. For this reason participants are asked to check how acoustic comfort and sound insultation are dealt in their own countries, i.e. which local regulations, benchmarks, implementation measures, best practice are currently in use.

September, 21: TEC1.6 "Ease of recovery and recycling" + ENV1.3 „Sustainable resource extraction"

During this training webinar we will discuss about different sustainable „labels" available internationally and the methods for their implementation in the DGNB system. Participants are asked to check how both criteria could be evaluated in their own countries, e.g. which local standards and labels are currently in use.

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