Recognition of product labels in the DGNB System

Construction products play an essential role in achieving the sustainability goals that are set for a particular building or district. They make a significant contribution to the overall performance of a building, due to environmental impacts such as pollutant emissions or the energy consumption involved in manufacture, operation or removal; their life cycle costs, which are significantly influenced by inspection and maintenance costs or cleaning expenditure, for example; and their implications for user comfort.

Quality certifications for construction products are frequently developed and approved by standard-awarding organisations in the form of product labels. These aim to help clients and designers to make a quick and reliable assessment about whether the quality conforms to their requirements.

There are a wide variety of labels available for construction products. To help guide designers and customers in this regard, the DGNB has developed a process for bestowing recognition for product labels. This takes the form of the following criteria:

Opportunities for label providers to obtain recognition

Do you wish to obtain recognition for your label? You can find all the information you need on the following pages:

  • The procedure: How to obtain recognition for your label
  • The requirements: Here you can find a detailed overview of the types of requirements that need to be fulfilled in the respective criteria.

Product labels recognised by the DGNB

Additional standards are currently undergoing review, meaning that the list will continue to expand.


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