DGNB system partner Spain

The Green Building Council España (GBCe) is an internationally recognised organisation that brings together important stakeholders in the Spanish construction sector: experts from industry, the property sector, the public sector, universities and research centres, associations, construction companies and project developers. GBCe was founded in 2008 and is based on a clear strategic vision: Measuring sustainability, training professionals, political action and broad communication. GBCe is behind the VERDE certification system, a methodology based on the life cycle assessment of buildings. In 2014, GBCe organised the World Sustainable Building Congress in Barcelona, where a global vision for dealing with climate change in the building sector was developed. Since 2014, GBCe has taken on a leading role in the coordination and development of European innovation projects focused on building and urban regeneration.

The Green Building Council España has been an official DGNB system partner since 12 July 2019. (to Press release)
We spoke with Bruno Sauer, CEO of GBCe and Dr. Christine Lemaitre, Managing Director of DGNB e.V.



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