DGNB system partner Croatia

Croatia Green Building Council (CGBC) is the largest organisation in Croatia in the field of sustainable construction and energy efficiency. As an NGO, Croatia GBC recognizes the need to ensure the quality of the built environment, sustainable construction, infrastructure, mobility and ensures that all activities implemented to the highest professional standards.

The Croatian Green Building Council is a platform to promote the positive impacts of sustainable buildings. Croatia GBC strives, primarily to its members, and to relevant market stakeholders, through education, networking, promotion, and advocacy, to help reach a pinnacle in all fields in terms of sustainable urban living - from building according to green principles to the general lifestyle.

Croatia GBC raises awareness, brings together key stakeholders from interdisciplinary fields, provides specific knowledge to experts, and creates a platform for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and experiences on relevant topics and as such serves as a national link between policymakers and industry leaders. CGBC is expanding its network, gaining new knowledge, experiences and creates new business opportunities that are in line with sustainable policies.

As a part of the World Green Building Council, it provides a national and global platform to work together to protect the environment and reduce the impact of climate change. Participation in various international projects funded from private and EU sources has proven their professional approach, working on projects related to sustainable construction, reconstruction strategies, waste management, energy efficiency, green educational programs, sustainable transport, circular economy, renewable energy sources, smart cities, etc.

Croatia GBC achieves constant growth in terms of organizational structure, the network of members, and range of activities with the goal of achieving a higher quality of life and environmental protection by implementing sustainable and green values in various segments of society and economy.


Dr. Stephan Anders
Director Network and Consulting
Phone: +49 711 722322-45
s.anders at dgnb.de