DGNB system partner Austria

Who we are

The ÖGNI - Austrian Sustainable Building Council, is a NGO (non-governmental organisation) for the establishment of sustainability in the construction and real estate industry. The aim of the ÖGNI is to demonstrate the added value of building certification in order to create environmentally friendly and resource-saving buildings with high economic and social efficiency, which can be used flexibly over generations and have a positive effect on the health, well-being and performance of the users. The ÖGNI was founded in 2009 and has been a system partner of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) since 1 June 2009. The certification system of the DGNB was adopted, adapted to Austria and has been continuously developed since then. ÖGNI is the only Austrian council to be an "established member" of the WorldGBC (World Green Building Council) and strives to strengthen the European quality certificate on an international level.

What we do

The ÖGNI's work focuses on the certification of sustainable buildings. This are buildings in which all three pillars of sustainability are taken into account by evaluating not only ecological, economic and socio-cultural aspects, but also process quality, technical quality and location over the entire life cycle.

The ÖGNI issues (pre-)certificates (DGNB system, blueCARD) and provides evaluation systems for various types of buildings, which are further developed by various working groups throughout Europe and approved by their committees. It organises the training of auditors in cooperation with Austrian universities and coordinates independent reviews of the documentation of sustainable buildings submitted by the auditors. To raise awareness and further develop the concept of sustainability in the sector, the ÖGNI regularly organises events with different focal points.

What is important to us

Transparency is a top priority for the ÖGNI! The performance of the association is audited by two auditors - in the current period these are Ms Karin Fuhrmann and Ms Mariana Ristic - and published at the annual general meeting. To control the proper management of the GmbH and the office, the board of directors appoints an auditor. In the current period of office this is Mrs Karin Fuhrmann. All minutes of the general meetings are available for download in the internal area of the website.


Dr. Stephan Anders
Director Network and Consulting
Phone: +49 711 722322-45
s.anders at dgnb.de