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Protecting resources, using energy efficiently and planning future-oriented districts – sustainable building objectives offer solutions for challenges which are truly global. Therefore the DGNB certification system is internationally applicable. Its flexible structure allows precise tailoring precisely for various building types. The international implementation of the DGNB System is based on its adaptation to country specific conditions. The new International DGNB System version 2014 provides the basis for two international certification routes which vary in scope.

International DGNB certification route

Generally, the DGNB certification is possible in every country. English-language criteria based on current European norms and standards can be applied quickly and easily anywhere in the world. Auditors who are familiar with both the DGNB System and local conditions recommend adjustments for the local application which are verified by DGNB. The conformity assessment and certification is carried out by DGNB in Germany. This international certification route is currently being implemented e.g. in Greece, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the Ukraine.

DGNB System localisation route – DGNB Community

An alternative route includes the detailed adaptation of the DGNB System to local conditions.  
In these cases DGNB cooperates with the so-called DGNB Community (local organisations or groups of interested professionals and experts in “Sustainable building with the DGNB system”) who elaborate the international system by in-depth adaptation to local circumstances e.g. climate, standards, laws, processes and cultural differences. The conformity assessment and certification is carried out by DGNB in Germany and can be supported by local organisations for quality assurance. Currently there are DGNB Communities active in Brazil, China and Russia.

Local DGNB System partner

DGNB System partners offer a system which is completely adapted to local conditions, local language and legal requirements. The DGNB System partners operate independently and carry out the conformity check locally. The DGNB System partners use their own logo which identifies the relevant country (e.g. DGNB System Denmark). DGNB System partnerships are currently in place in Bulgaria, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland and Thailand.

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Levan Ekhvaia
International Certification
Phone: +49 711 722322-84
l.ekhvaia at dgnb.de


Kai Zhang
Director DGNB Certification China
Phone: +49 711 722322-65
k.zhang at dgnb.de