DGNB – the abbreviation (in German) for the German Sustainable Building Council. A non-profit organisation based in Stuttgart, ever since it was founded in 2007 the DGNB has been committed to demonstrably good buildings and urban districts that are worth living in. In straightforward terms, this means building an environment around ourselves with foresight. Our overarching aim is to promote change in the building and property market, engendering an appropriate understanding of quality as a foundation for responsible and sustainable action.

The DGNB promotes sustainable building in a variety of ways, not only in Germany but also in the rest of the world:

  • Through our association, which currently has around 1,500 members – it's their active involvement and commitment to our cause that has turned the DGNB into Europe's biggest network for sustainable building
  • Through the certification of sustainable buildings, building interiors and districts, thus translating the various factors that dictate sustainable planning, construction and building operation into practical application
  • Through the services of the DGNB Academy, imparting the expert knowledge that is needed to understand the requirements of sustainable building
  • Through the DGNB Navigator, offering an online platform with a list of numerous building products, including all pertinent information on their sustainable properties
  • Through activities in the fields of research and development, also promoting a continual understanding of the issues surrounding sustainability in the construction industry and how to move things forward

The conceptual principles of the DGNB revolve around a holistic understanding of sustainability, encompassing environmental, economic and sociocultural factors. So our vision is just as much about the environment as it is about economic viability and people. As a consequence, for the DGNB sustainability is synonymous with quality and future viability.


German Sustainable Building Council

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