What are the prerequisites for receiving platinum, gold and silver?

How projects are assessed according to the DGNB System is explained here.

Is the certification of buildings voluntary?

The certification is based on the voluntary outperformance of standard practice.

Can the DGNB System be applied worldwide?

You can find out more about using the DGNB System internationally here.

Which sustainability aspects are taken into account in the DGNB Certification?

The sustainability concept behind DGNB certification is explained here.

How is the DGNB System being further developed?

More information on the further development of the System is provided here.

What options do I have to contribute my expertise?

The development of the system is being driven forward by the voluntary work of DGNB members in the DGNB Working Groups.
An overview of the DGNB Working Groups is provided here.

How is the certification process carried out?

The four stages to achieving certification and the stakeholders involved are explained here.

What is a scheme? Which scheme matches my project?

The definition of a scheme is explained here.
An overview of all schemes is provided here.

What can be certified according to the DGNB System?

You can find out how the DGNB System can be used here.

How are projects tested?

The compliancy testing process is explained under 3 in „The certification process“ graphic.

How does the DGNB System support the planning of buildings and urban districts?

The foundation for ensuring the sustainability of buildings and urban districts needs to be laid at the beginning of the planning process, which is also when concepts can best be optimised. For this reason the DGNB awards pre-certificates.
The benefits of the DGNB Pre-Certificate are explained here.

As a manufacturer, how can I find out which aspects of the DGNB Certification System are relevant to products and which are not?

You can find this information via the DGNB Navigator, or by contacting a Consultant or Auditor.

Members/ Auditors/ Consultants can find it at the password-protected area of our website.