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Award Climate Positive*

Year of the award: 2019, 2020

Valid to: September 2021

Location: Singapore, Singapore
Applicant: National University Of Singapore
Client: National University Of Singapore
Architect: Serie Multiply Architects
Energy concept and CO2 balancing: TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik GmbH
* This award is bestowed for buildings that achieve a negative annual carbon footprint and thus make a significant positive contribution to climate protection. The net carbon footprint assessment is based on the DGNB Framework for Carbon-Neutral Buildings and Sites.
This extension to a School of Design & Environment building at the National University of Singapore is an outstanding example of a net zero-energy building (NZEB) in the tropics. The five-storey building is home to labs, design studios and workshops used by the departments of architecture and design. Construction of the building was optimised to facilitate lateral ventilation and comfortable natural light. An integral aspect of net zero-energy consumption is that conventional approaches to air conditioning have to be challenged. With this project, this resulted in the design of an innovative hybrid cooling system that ensures rooms are not under-cooled. The cooling strategy for the building focuses on circulating air more rapidly by using ceiling ventilators. Electricity consumption is reduced by opening windows when the weather is nice and only using air conditioning when required. The roof is fitted with 1225 solar panels. These generate enough solar energy to cover the building’s estimated annual energy requirements. Daily surpluses are fed back into the campus grid and used by surrounding buildings, which in return provide electrical energy at night. The building has been in use and achieved a positive energy balance since January 2019 and can operate with a surplus of approximately 30%.

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