DGNB pre-certified and certified projects

This list includes all projects which are certified or pre-certified for certification by the DGNB.

Where a project has achieved a pre-certificate as well as a certificate, only the latter is listed.

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Adina Apartment Hotel Düsseldorf City Hauptbahnhof

Düsseldorf, Germany

DUI 76

Duisburg, Germany

OxPark - Neubau Haus B+C - ehemaliges Heizhaus

Hamburg, Germany

A10 Center Wildau bei Berlin

Wildau, Germany

Accumotive Werk 2

Kamenz, Germany

Allee-Center Essen-Altenessen

Essen, Germany

Allee-Center Hamm

Hamm, Germany

Allee-Center Magdeburg

Magdeburg, Germany

Altmarkt-Galerie Dresden

Dresden, Germany

Apeiron Zentrale

Bonn, Germany

Aquis Plaza Aachen

Aachen, Germany

Árkád Pécs

Pécs, Hungary