Apeiron Zentrale

At a glance

DGNB Pre-certificate in Gold

Year of construction: 2021

Scheme: New Construction Offices, Version 2018
Location: Bonn, Germany
Applicant: ORA Projekt GmbH c/o Apeiron AG
Client: ORA Projekt GmbH c/o Apeiron AG
Architect: Oezen-Reimer+Partner
DGNB Auditor: Thomas, Ivanka for: ikl Ingenieurbüro Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kunibert Lennerts GmbH

Project evaluation

Total score 70,0 %

Ecological quality: 61,9 %
Economic quality: 84,2 %
Sociocultural and functional quality: 70,9 %
Technical quality: 62,5 %
Process quality: 69,3 %
Site evaluation 62,7 %

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