Logistikzentrum VW Hannover

At a glance

DGNB Certificate in Gold

Year of construction: 2014

Scheme: New Construction Industrial Buildings
Location: Hannover, Germany
Applicant: Goodman Edelweis Logistics (Lux) S.à.rl.
Client: Goodman Edelweis Logistics (Lux) S.à.rl.
Architect: Phase 5 GmbH
DGNB Auditor: Kruschina , Doreen for: Doreen Kruschina Planung+Baumanagement

Project evaluation

Total score 71,0%

Ecological quality: 60,6%
Economic quality: 97,2%
Sociocultural and functional quality: 58,0%
Technical quality: 70,8%
Process quality: 64,7%

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