Wohngebäude CDS12

At a glance

Award Climate Positive*

Year of the award: 2019

Valid to: September 2020

Location: Freising, Germany
Applicant: Dietmar Geiselmann
Client: Familie G.
Architect: Gmeiner Architekten
Energy concept and CO2 balancing: TRANSSOLAR Energietechnik GmbH
* This award is bestowed for buildings that achieve a negative annual carbon footprint and thus make a significant positive contribution to climate protection. The net carbon footprint assessment is based on the DGNB Framework for Carbon-Neutral Buildings and Sites.
To minimise electricity requirements, Building CDS12 was optimised to use more natural daylight and keep the need for artificial light to a minimum. Rooms in the building are illuminated using LED lamps. All technical equipment adheres to the highest energy efficiency classes. A conscious decision was made to not use active systems to cool the building, which instead relies on passive measures. It has an efficient external system to provide sun protection, which can be coordinated with night-time cooling: the thermal mass of the bare ceilings and floors can be activated such that even during hot spells in the summer, room interiors remain comfortable. The entire roof is equipped with solar panels that generate renewable energy. The system was positioned east to west, not only to optimise electricity production but also to allow the extremely flat construction to be fully integrated into the building such that it is not immediately obvious to the eye. In terms of travel options, residents have convenient access to bicycle storage directly next to the entrance in an area protected from the elements. There is also an electric car with a charging system.

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