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FAQ - Interiors

What exactly is reviewed in the certification process?

In the market version of our DGNB System for sustainable interiors, we are looking at retail or office interiors after completion. A system for alternate uses is still in process.
In the first instance contemplation the framework refers to the users influence on the interior development. Are parts of the interior fittings, furnishing or technical equipment not within the client's scope, they might be taken out of the assessment, after consultation with DGNB. It is our main goal to establish this system as a planning tool to improve the interiors, rather than assess an existing condition.

How long is the certificate valid? Can it be renewed regularly?

The DGNB certificate for sustainable interiors will be awarded after completion. Because of the usually short planning phases, no pre-certificate is offered. At the time of handing in the documents of proof for conformity assessment at the DGNB, the interior fitting and furnishing should be in place and in an operational phase.

The validity of the certificate for offices expires after 10 years, the one for retail after five years.
Converting or renovating the space has an impact on the original assessment and can be result in expiring the certificate. If the requirements of the indicator 1 of the criterion SOC1.2 (Indoor Air Quality) cannot be met, the certificate loses its validity immediately.

To extend the validity of the certificate for another five years, is has to be renewed before the expiration date.

How is the DGNB’s Awarding system applied?

The DGNB system for sustainable interiors is awarding certificates in Silver, Gold and Platinum.


Karen Sternsdorff
Senior Consultant Certification Buildings
Phone: +49 711 722322-33
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