Certification requirements

The purpose of the DGNB and the DGNB System is not to provide certification for certification's sake, solely as a marketing tool or to demonstrate leadership; instead, it uses certification as a means by which a consistent overall quality standard can be ensured. Of course this also entails transparent quality control by means of an independent, neutral certification process. The DGNB System is intended to be used both as motivation and as a planning tool, enabling demonstrably better buildings to be built and managed. Sustainability must be approached as an integral part of every building project rather than being an add-on or an optional consideration.

If the DGNB system is to be applied for interiors, there are certain requirements that must be met.

System boundary and minimum requirements

The assessment covers - unless stated otherwise in the individual criteria - exclusively the area of the interior development to be certified and any areas assigned directly (if these are a contractual element of the area to be certified).

  • Furthermore, the influence area of the user / client is assessed irrespective of the responsibilities regarding implementation or payment.
  • The area is mainly used according to the scheme. Additional uses which go beyond 15% area proportion of the leased area may need to be captured within mixed use.
  • Furthermore, there is a DGNB minimum requirement that the legal requirements are met for the area to be certified. For example fire protection also falls under this.

Currency of expert assessments, calculations and simulations: Expert assessments, calculations and simulations must always relate to the current design status or to the as-built interior development. If expert assessments and simulations are used, which relates to a previous design status, their continuing validity or relevance must be shown plausibly.

Where the interior space to be certified is located within a certified building, relevant information from the building certificate may be used as evidence documentation. The scope and type of evidence should be agreed with DGNB before submitting the certification documents with respect to the alternatives described below for evidence.

A certification of an interior without possible impact on relevant fit out trades (only furnishing) is excluded by the DGNB system for interiors.


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