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Our need to live a sustainable lifestyle permeates our lives. We continue to want to experience a relaxing, health-promoting environment during hour free time and on holiday. And we also demand sustainability on our business trips. Resorts that are planned and built according to DGNB requirements offer the right framework to ensure this need is met. In addition to high quality of stay for visitors, indoor air quality, the use of local resources, etc. play an important role. The DGNB System for sustainable resorts is the first of its kind in the world, providing support as a planning tool.

Features of sustainable resorts

  • High quality of stay and comfort standards for users inside and outside the buildings
  • Good indoor air hygiene
  • The aim is to avoid the use of building materials that are harmful to the environment and health
  • Optimised water-cycle systems
  • Low CO2 footprint
  • Use of energy-efficient technologies
  • Low operating costs
  • High marketability
  • Use of local resources (materials and service providers)
  • Integration into the urban context (offers for non-guests)

Target group for certification

The certificate is aimed especially at the tourism industry, more specifically at resort investors and operators. The system is particularly suited to new and extensively renovated properties.

Advantages of DGNB certification

  • Transparent and independent quality award
  • Unique selling point compared to competitors
  • Credible positioning as a sustainable resort
  • High user comfort
  • Cost and resource savings during operation
  • Sustainable construction standard for all facilities and real estate
  • Planning reliability and clear definition of targets from the very beginning
  • Contribution to risk minimisation
  • Can be applied and compared internationally
  • Communication of the project to the public and increase of acceptance

Special features of the scheme

The DGNB scheme for sustainable resorts considers both building and district criteria. In doing so the system takes into account the special nature of a resort, that guests spend a lot of time both outside and inside the buildings. The criteria required in the system from the certification of districts and buildings were adapted where necessary to the special requirements of resorts. This applies, for example, to the life-cycle assessment, life-cycle costs and the biodiversity criterion. When the final certificate is issued, it covers the entire project. It documents the sustainable planning and construction standard for all the buildings and facilities.

Distinction from other schemes

While the DGNB system for sustainable hotels focuses on the building itself and only highlights the outside areas to a limited extent, the scheme for resorts is based on the DGNB district system and supplements it with a number of criteria from building certification.


Dr. Stephan Anders
Director DGNB Certification
Phone: +49 711 722322-45
s.anders at dgnb.de

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