Registering a project

DGNB Certification is handled by DGNB GmbH. The DGNB GmbH is headquartered in Stuttgart and is a fully owned subsidiary of the DGNB e.V.
With the DGNB Certification you can extend your sustainability expertise and bring your brand to the fore. Profit from the large amount of attention that your project will attract due to the certification.

Register your Project now!

New schemes are being developed for various types of buildings, both existing and new, and being tested in pilot phases. Building owners can seize this opportunity to register their project for a pilot phase and be one of the first to receive a new category of DGNB certificate. Both finished buildings and projects in planning can take part in the pilot phase for different schemes of the DGNB Certification System upon submission of a Project Certification Query. Building owners who submit their documentation by the prearranged deadline will also receive a 20% discount on certification fees.

Documents for project audit

All the documents needed for the project audit can be found in the password-protected area for DGNB Auditors and Consultants.

Time line

Note: time periods which are not explicitly stated may vary


Levan Ekhvaia
Manager International Certification
Phone: +49 711 722322-84
l.ekhvaia at dgnb.de