Application of Multiple and Serial Certification

Preliminary discussion with the DGNB

In a preliminary meeting with the DGNB certification body, the project and the applicant's objectives are first presented and the applicability of multiple/serial certification is checked.

Project registration

The project is registered online by a DGNB auditor.

Contract conclusion "Initial Certificate"

After the official project application, the applicant concludes a contract for the initial certificate after multiple certification/serial certification with the DGNB, which carries out the conformity check. The contract is based on a scheme as well as a project-specific model building description. If this is changed or updated, the contract must be adapted accordingly.

Initial certificate: coordination of specifications and general conditions

In cooperation with the auditor, the client defines the sample construction description with variant investigations. This results in the minimum requirements for achieving the desired award or the overall degree of fulfilment.

If necessary, further coordination with the DGNB takes place.

Initial certificate: Submission of documents or evidence to the DGNB

For the initial certificate, the following documents must be submitted to the DGNB certification body in paper form:

  • Specimen construction and performance description
  • Architect's guide, excerpts if necessary
  • Care instructions, if applicable
  • Quality standards, if applicable
  • Descriptions of building automation, if applicable
  • Documentation sheets signed by the auditor for each criterion (documentation of the results for DGNB certification)
  • General information on the agents
  • Documentation requirements for the submission of documents (DGNB certification)
  • Weighting table
  • All necessary planning documents of the variants (floor plans, sections etc.)
  • Other verification documentation
  • Complete verification on CD

Conformity testing and authentication of the initial certificate

Processing time: 6-8 weeks.

Preparation of the DGNB specification sheet

Preparation of the DGNB specification sheet as the basis for the corresponding individual certifications of the buildings (the specification sheet defines the still required submission documents in form/type and scope)

After the initial certificate has been awarded, the DGNB prepares a project-specific specification sheet. This forms the basis for providing evidence of the following certification projects and thus defines the submission documents in the form/type and scope of the required documentation.

The client must inform the DGNB immediately of any changes to the model building specifications, the construction work, the planning process and the operating concept.

These changes must also be documented in a supplement to the initial certification agreement and the framework agreement.

Agreement on the obligations and the process for obtaining certificates and for regulating the award level of the buildings to be certified

Framework agreement for certification

Conclusion of a "framework agreement" contract

After the initial certificate, the conditions for the projects to be certified are contractually documented in a framework agreement. For individual certificates, one assignment is sufficient or predefined individual contracts are subsequently concluded.
Afterwards, each individual certificate is registered as usual.

Registration of the individual buildings for certification

Registration is carried out by the DGNB auditor.

Conclusion of contract "individual certificate"

The contract is concluded by the DGNB and the applicant.

Submission of documents in accordance with the DGNB specification sheet

The auditor then submits the documents for the conformity check according to the project-specific specification sheet.

Conformity testing and authentication of the certificate

Upon successful completion of the test, the project receives its own certificate and plaque.

Processing time: 2 weeks.

Contact Multiple Certification

Andrea Schwitalla
Senior Consultant Multiple Certification
Phone: +49 711 722322-85
a.schwitalla at dgnb.de

Contact Serial Certification

Angelika Bandke
Senior Consultant Serial Certification
Phone: +49 711 722322-44
a.bandke at dgnb.de