Multiple and Serial Certification: sustainability in series

If buildings of the same use and comparable typology are erected at different locations, we refer to them as multiple and serial certifications.

  • Multiple certification of new buildings: shopping centres, hotels, logistics buildings, offices, production buildings, buildings in use
  • multiple certification interiors: offices, shops; planned: hotels, restaurants
  • Serial certification: prefabricated houses.


In the case of multiple and serial certification, a basic standard that all structures have, is evaluated on the basis of the model building description and the requirements of the respective DGNB System.

Note: The certification form "Serial Certification" is based exclusively on the scheme New Construction Homes (LINK). The certification form "Multiple Certification", on the other hand, is applied to all DGNB schemes, except for New Construction Homes.

Each building that is created on the basis of this initial certified building description, receives an individual DGNB Certificate after submission and examination of the relevant documents.


Experience from projects certified according to this principle to date, has shown that approx. 70 percent of the criteria and their documentation are covered by the underlying model building description.

Learn more about the procedure of multiple and serial certification in detail here.


  • Reduced documentation costs
  • Easy multiplication for any number of buildings
  • Lower certification costs per project
  • Independent proof of quality for all buildings
  • Can be used for every building type
  • Better market positioning
  • Documentation for CSR reports

Certification fees

In the case of multiple certification, the costs for the initial certificate are fixed and are 20,000 Euros for DGNB members and 30,000 Euros for non-members. For subsequent projects, the costs are defined on a project-specific basis, as they depend on the number of variable DGNB Criteria, which are still to be verified. These are therefore determined in consultation with the DGNB.

For the serial certification of homes, the costs for DGNB members are 12,500 Euros and for non-members 17,500 Euros. The costs for subsequent projects depend on the number of projects to be certified per year. 


Examples of best practice

Serial certification

to the project

Initial certification

to the project

REWE Markt
Green Building Forst

to the project

Any questions?

What are the requirements for the respective systems and what documents are needed for certification? Read more here:

Contact Multiple Certification

Andrea Schwitalla
Senior Consultant Multiple Certification
Phone: +49 711 722322-85
a.schwitalla at dgnb.de

Contact Serial Certification

Angelika Bandke
Senior Consultant Serial Certification
Phone: +49 711 722322-44
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