Different buildings have different characteristics. And the requirements that need to be taken into account for the buildings are also different. For that reason the DGNB Certification System is available for various "schemes".

There are certificates for office and administrative buildings, retail buildings, industrial buildings, hotels, residential buildings, mixed-use buildings and educational facilities. Only with these schemes is it possible to plan, construct, operate and certify on a uniform basis. Further schemes are constantly being devised in working groups, e.g. for hospitals. At the moment there are more than 20 schemes.

DGNB Flex has following objectives:

  • DGNB Flex enables the drafting of a project-specific DGNB certification framework to optimise and evaluate projects where no fully-specified scheme is currently applicable.
  • The time effort and costs associated with the DGNB Flex process should be target-oriented and appropriate.
  • DGNB Auditors receive a pragmatic and reliable framework to advise their clients in early planning phases.

In addition to all certification relevant documentation, such as technical manuals (DGNB criteria sets), contracts and the certification manuals, this documents applies.

Scope of application of DGNB Flex

The DGNB Flex can be used to generate a requirement catalogue for the certification of projects for where no specific DGNB schemes is currently available (market versions and first-time application versions). The decision whether a project can be certified according to the DGNB Flex is taken solely by the DGNB GmbH.
Projects cannot be certified by applying the DGNB Flex if these are in conflict with the overall objectives of the DGNB system (for example, if the project is located in crisis or war regions, in protected areas, etc.) or due to ethical issues.

Basic approach to certification according to the DGNB Flex procedure







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