Certification requirements

Certification requirements for buildings

  • The building must be classified according to one of the DGNB schemes.
  • The completion and commissioning of the building at the time of certification has occurred no longer than three years back.
  • Unless otherwise stated in the individual criteria - only the building and the immediately associated open spaces can be considered.
  • The building is mainly used in accordance with the scheme identified in the DGNB response to the PCQ. A maximum of 15 % of the Usable Area (UA) according to the definition in DIN 277:2005-01 - without parking may be assigned to another scheme. By exceeding this value the application rules for the mixed-use scheme must be followed.
  • National legal requirements must be met.
  • Subject to pilot phase approval, the following specific minimum requirements must be considered:

    • Indoor Air Quality - VOC (SOC1.2)
    • Design for All (SOC2.1)
    • Legal requirements for fire safety (TEC 1.1) and sound insulation (TEC 1.2)
  • Up-to-date experts´/survey reports and simulations
    Reports and simulations must be based on the current planning status or on the actually constructed buildings. If reports and simulations referring to a previous planning status are considered, their continuous validity and relevance must be plausibly demonstrated.