Residential buildings

Residential buildings

Residential buildings are any building that is used primarily for residential purposes.
This scheme applies to multiple-family dwellings with more than 6 accommodation units.

It can be applied to boarding schools, halls of residence and nursing homes in agreement with the DGNB office. For buildings with less than or equal to 6 accommodation units, there is the "New buildings: small residential buildings" scheme.

Individual regulations for secondary use: If the areas occupied by the secondary use are more than or equal to 200 m² or more than or equal to 10% of the DGNB design area, documentary evidence must be provided for indicator 1 in criterion "SOC1.2 – Indoor air quality" and criterion "SOC2.1 – Design for all" that the minimum requirement has been met in each case.

This scheme is applied on DGNB System Version 2020 International.

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