DGNB criteria "Thermal comfort"


Our objective is to guarantee thermal comfort that is appropriate for the intended use of the building throughout the year regardless of season, and to ensure user comfort.


Measures that give building users the greatest possible control over indoor climate conditions improve their individual well-being. Improved well-being results in better satisfaction with the facilities and therefore also increases the productivity of building users.

Indicators for evaluation

  1. Operative temperature/indoor air temperature/heating period

  2. Drafts/heating period

  3. Radiant temperature asymmetry and floor temperature/heating period

  4. Relative humidity/heating period (quantitative)

  5. Operative temperature/indoor air temperature/cooling period

  6. Drafts/cooling period

  7. Radiant temperature asymmetry and floor temperature/cooling period

  8. Indoor humidity/cooling period

  9. Agenda 2030 bonus – Climate adaptation


Contribution to high-priority sustainability goals

Source of the „Sustainable Development Goals"-icons: www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/news/communications-material/

The other criteria of the topic "Sociocultural and functional quality":


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Kai Zhang
Director DGNB Certification China
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Markus Kelzenberg
Director Certification Body
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