DGNB criteria "Ease of recovery and recycling"


Our objective is to ensure highly economical and efficient use of natural resources. Accordingly, we promote solutions that enable pre-existing value to be made reusable with a minimum of loss. In accordance with our goal of reducing the amount of primary resources required for construction and maintenance of buildings to virtually nothing, we strive to create a strategy to increase the current level of material efficiency – the purpose of which is to enable materials to be recycled with effectively no losses, in conjunction with a significant reduction in the materials used. To this end, the "Ease of recovery and recycling" criterion aims to address one of the most important issues for the DGNB: Creating a "Circular economy" that enables participants and users to reduce consumption of natural resources to a minimum and ideally to completely avoid consumption of natural resources, in order to ensure that once we have used resources for our own purposes, they will continue to be available to future generations to the highest extent possible – enabling those generations to develop in a way that ensures their well-being.


Building owners who implement reductions in the use of materials in their buildings can benefit from reduced costs even during the construction phase. In turn, users enjoy positive effects in the operating phase – with in some cases significantly lower costs and effort required for modernisation work as well as for maintenance, repair and above all conversion measures. The long-term objective of this criterion – which requires in-depth knowledge regarding the materials used in buildings – enables buildings to be considered as means of "storing" raw materials, and for building owners to plan buildings as a lucrative store of future value for themselves.

Indicators for evaluation

  1. Ease of recycling

  2. Ease of recovery

  3. Ease of recovery, conversion and recycling in the planning process


Contribution to high-priority sustainability goals


Source of the „Sustainable Development Goals"-icons: www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/news/communications-material/

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