DGNB criteria "Design for all"


Our objective is to make the entire environment we build around ourselves accessible to everyone and without restrictions on its use, whatever their personal situation.


If the principles of barrier-free building have already been incorporated when planning the building work, irrespective of whether there are currently people with disabilities or impairments using the building, this foresight will largely eliminate any costs that adapting the building would require, as well as the complication of the work that these modifications would involve. Barrier-free design makes buildings more attractive to all user groups, especially to people with impaired motor skills, sensory impairments and cognitive impairments. With the current change in demographics, people's differences should be celebrated as something that opens up possibilities.

Indicators for evaluation

  1. Quality level 1/DGNB minimum requirement

  2. Quality level 2

  3. Quality level 3

  4. Quality level 4
  5. Quality level 5


Contribution to high-priority sustainability goals

Source of the „Sustainable Development Goals"-icons: www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/news/communications-material/

The other criteria of the topic "Sociocultural and functional quality":


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Angelika Bandke
Senior Consultant Serial Certification
Phone: +49 711 722322-44
a.bandke at dgnb.de


Karen Sternsdorff
Senior Consultant Certification Buildings
Phone: +49 711 722322-33
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Levan Ekhvaia
Manager International Certification
Phone: +49 711 722322-84
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