DGNB criteria "Comprehensive project brief"


Our objective is to ensure that the quality of the building is as high as possible by means of an optimised, transparent planning process and by defining the relevant general conditions early on (during "Phase 0" or pre-planning phase).


The requirements of building owners with regard to the building, and the resulting planning objectives are clearly set out in the form of requirements planning and the specifications used for the planning process. This allows the building owners' requirements to be fulfilled consistently. This project preparation has a direct influence on the final building quality. Seeking greater public input can also play a key role in increasing the acceptance of decisions, devising a more balanced solution, improving decision-making, reducing conflicts and encouraging local residents to identify more strongly with the environment they reside in and go about their day-to-day business.

Indicators for evaluation

  1. Requirements planning

  2. Informing the public

  3. Specifications


Contribution to overriding sustainability goals


Source of the „Sustainable Development Goals"-icons: www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/news/communications-material/

The other criteria of the topic "Process quality":


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