Multi-storey car parks

Multi-storey car parks

Urban transport is undergoing a fundamental change. In order to meet this challenge, parking facilities must also be built to meet future requirements and be orientated to new demands. With this in mind, the DGNB has developed, together with experts, an evaluation approach that serves both, as a planning tool and as a quality seal for sustainable car parks. The aim is to establish a tool for multi-storey car parks that creates comparability and transparency, increases the quality of multi-storey car parks and takes future viability and flexibility into account right from the planning stage.

The DGNB System Version 2020 International is not yet available for this scheme. However, DGNB Auditors with German language skills can combine and adapt the full range of current German schemes with DGNB System Version 2020 International in order to certify other building types.

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Andrea Schwitalla
Senior Consultant Multiple Certification
Phone: +49 711 722322-85
a.schwitalla at dgnb.de

Webinar Multistorey car parks (in German)