Mixed use

Mixed use

Application rules for mixed use

Minimum requirements:

The DGNB minimum requirements (exclusion criteria) stipulated in the criteria for the scheme in question must be fulfilled, for both the primary use and all secondary uses.

Secondary requirements:

The secondary requirements only need to be fulfilled at whole-building level.

Partial certification

If a proper distinction can be made between the different uses, an application for partial certification can be submitted. The use that is to be assessed must be clearly defined and must be agreed with the DGNB on a case-by-case basis (project-specific certifiability enquiry – see DGNB website). The following parameters should be complied with:

  • Separate energy performance certificates must exist for the different sub-areas
  • Separate entrances to the building must exist
  • Different uses can be identified, e.g. from the façade design
  • Technical building equipment in the different sub-areas functions independently of each other

This scheme is applied on the DGNB System Version 2020 International.

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