Overview of the criteria

Environmental quality

All three criteria of the environmental quality evaluate the effect of buildings on the global and local environment and their resource consumption and waste generation.

Climate Action and Energy (ENV1-B)

Water (ENV2-B)

Materials and Recycling (ENV3-B)

Economic quality

All three criteria of the economic quality evaluate the building for its long-term asset value and economic efficiency.

Operating Costs (ECO1-B)

Risk Management and Long-term Asset Value (ECO2-B)

Procurement and Operations (ECO3-B)

Sociocultural and functional quality

All three criteria of the sociocultural and functional quality support in evaluating the building's the indoor comfort, user satisfaction, wellbeing and the most essential aspects of the mobility infrastructure.

Indoor Comfort (SOC1-B)

User Satisfaction (SOC2-B)

Mobility (SOC3-B)


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