Educational buildings

Educational buildings

This scheme encompasses all educational buildings, such as:

  • General education schools
  • Vocational schools
  • Special needs schools
  • Further education and training institutions
  • Kindergartens

The primary use of these buildings is rooms for education, training, seminars, lectures, workshops and classrooms.

Secondary uses in the building being assessed, such as offices, kitchen, dining hall, laboratory, library, gym, etc., are assessed within the same scope. Separate buildings such as sports halls, libraries, canteens, etc. are excluded from this.

Individual regulations for secondary use:

If the areas occupied by the secondary use are more than or equal to 200 m² or more than or equal to 10% of the DGNB design area, documentary evidence must be provided for indicator 1 in criterion "SOC1.2 – Indoor air quality" and criterion "SOC2.1 – Design for all" to demonstrate that the minimum requirement has been met in each case.

This scheme is applied on the DGNB System Version 2020 International.

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