Neubau Versammlungsstätten (NVS)

Buildings used for meetings/ assemblies/ gatherings

This scheme is available for different types of use: 

  • congress halls
  • trade fair or city halls
  • museums
  • theatres
  • libraries
  • transport terminal buildings

The scheme is mainly based on the criteria of office and administration buildings, but takes into account the specific features of a place where people gather, such as the lighting concept, fresh water usage or thermal comfort. 

The profile focusses particularly on optimal conversion capability: it evaluates, for example, the clearance height for vertical access for large exhibits, as well as the individual control of air conditioning technology, which is particularly important for conference rooms.

The DGNB System Version 2020 International is not yet available for this scheme. However, DGNB Auditors with German language skills can combine and adapt the full range of current German schemes with DGNB System Version 2020 International in order to certify other building types.

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Karen Sternsdorff
Senior Consultant Certification Buildings
Phone: +49 711 722322-33
k.sternsdorff at dgnb.de