The DGNB System for buildings

In order to make sustainable construction plannable, assessable and measurable, the DGNB has developed a certification system which, as a planning and optimisation tool, helps all those involved in construction to implement a holistic quality of sustainability. In order to be able to evaluate sustainable construction, various certification criteria are applied individually to different types of buildings.

More than a system: DGNB quality throughout the entire life cycle

Every building, from planning to demolition, goes through different phases, which are linked to different requirements and conditions. These can be accompanied by the DGNB certification system in terms of a holistic sustainable construction method. The following diagram shows exactly which phases these are.


DGNB certification can be applied to both new and existing buildings as well as to renovation and buildings in use.

New Construction

Renovation and Existing Buildings

Buildings in Use

Why certify?

  1. The DGNB System is a performance and balance sheet oriented planning and optimisation tool for all parties involved in construction
  2. It promotes the implementation of holistic quality in planning, construction and operation
  3. It stands for a high degree of future security by reducing cost-intensive risks
  4. The DGNB Certificate is the independent, transparent proof of the actual implemented quality
  5. The award can also be used as a topic for communications and marketing tool

Overview of all schemes that can be certified according to DGNB


Ralf Pimiskern
Director DGNB Certification
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