DGNB Criteria

The DGNB focusses on buildings’ or districts’ overall performance rather than individual measures.

Buildings’ overall performance in terms of sustainability is assessed on the basis of around 40 different criteria, e.g. thermal comfort, design for all and sound insulation. The DGNB schemes for districts include a separate criteria set which addresses issues such as changing urban microclimate, biodiversity and interlinking habitats, and the social and functional mix.

Projects achieve a certificate/pre-certificate in platinum, gold or silver depending on the degree to which the relevant scheme criteria are met.

The DGNB system comprises a variety of certification schemes for different building uses. All international applications of the DGNB system for buildings are based on the core criteria catalogue, referred to as CORE14. These core criteria are used in combination with scheme sheets which provide detailed information for the relevant scheme in question.

Where can I find the criteria?

  • As DGNB Auditor, Consultant and Member you can download the criteria from the internal area of the DGNB website.
  • If your are interested in learning more about the CORE14 but you have no access to the password-protected area, you can request the criteria in our website.

    Request DGNB Criteria

  • You can also find the Criteria Overview for New Office Buildings here.